Infused Basil Olive Oil

US$16.99 US$14.99

Infused Basil Olive Oil

US$16.99 US$14.99

 This twice infused Organic extra virgin olive oil features fresh Organic hydroponic basil and garlic infused with our special process. The hot and cold infusion (Aka Twice Infused) makes a robust flavor  combination a must for any olive oil cooking application. Packaged for pebrfect quality control and storage.



      B.A.Y.A. Infused Basil Oil

  • ORGANICALLY INFUSED - Infused with Fresh Organic Herbs and NOT with essential oils or flavors
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece
  • UNMATCHED FLAVOR - Rich natural flavor and an increasingly authentic taste and aftertaste, characteristics sustainable over time
  • 100% All Natural; Gluten free; GMO Free
  • Bottled, labeled, and packaged at our warehouse in Dallas, Texas
  • The refreshing green herb taste works especially well with caprese salad, breads, pasta and grilled vegetables. Basil Oil can be used as a cooking oil, to uplift and enhance any dish, but it's true colors shine when used as a finishing oil. Drizzle over a fresh Caprese salad, any pasta dish, or use as a base.
    • Drizzle. You can drizzle a bit of the oil over a finished dish like meat, fish, or poultry to add a final twist of flavor. Oil makes a good finish for soups and stews, too. Simply fill the bowl with the soup, then drizzle a small amount on top. 
    • Dressings. Flavored oils make a good base for salad dressings or vinaigrettes to top cooked vegetables. Add the dressing just before serving the dish. 
    • Sauces. You can use flavored oils when making pesto, a cold sauce made from oil and basil. 
    • Dipping. Dipping bread or vegetables into flavored oil is a tasty appetizer. Be conscious of the portions, though. Oils are high in calories — a tablespoon of oil has about 120 calories.


  • Protect the oil from heat and light.
  • While they can be safely stored at room temperature, the quality will be better for a longer period if stored in the refrigerator.